Alex Sorokin: Additional Translation Services.

Baltic Languages:

Estonian - Latvian - Lithuanian

East European Languages:

Bulgarian - Czech - Croatian - Hungarian - Polish - Romanian - Slovene

After over 25 years of cooperation with the Translation Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Belarus I know all the best translators in town.

Cooperation with other freelancers permits me to handle virtually any amount of English text to be translated into Russian or Byelorussian.

Besides, I can also accept texts for translation from English into Baltic and East European languages - in this case I act as a coordinator. Translation into Baltic and East European languages involves editing and proofreading - thus you get TOP QUALITY at FREELANCER RATES.


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  attractive RATES

Please contact: express@transl.minsk.by

5/108 Lunacharskogo ave., 220071 Minsk, Belarus
Tel./fax: 375 (17) 232-3526

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